Spring Trends: Tropical prints

How I wear tropical prints. Jacket is from Bass, shirt from Feed for Target, jeans from American Apparel, belt and boots are vintage.


My favorite trends for Spring 2014: Pastels

My current favorite Spring 2014 Trend is pastels. The first photo shows Burberry Spring 2014 and how they did this trend. The other photo is how I would wear this trend. The top is from H&M, skirt from Talbot’s, necklace from Forever 21, and the heels are Jessica Simpson. These are links to see more about this trend:

Where it all began…

I knew since I was 9 years old fashion was for me. Fashion is just so much fun. I was obsessed with designing and making art I could wear one day. I have always loved to dress up and create a new identity for myself every day. It’s like wearing a new costume each day; I could be whoever I wanted to be.
My hobby has always been art. Whether it is drawing, painting, or photography, I have always loved creating two dimensional art. Over the past few years I have been toying with the idea of textile design. It has now become my new passion. Designing fabrics and designing clothes with these fabrics in mind is what I truly love to do.
With this blog I hope to share my style and document my daily identity while connecting with other fashion lovers.